HS IRBs News March 2019

Health Sciences and Minimal Risk IRBs, IRB News/Volume 11, Number 3, March 2019

Upcoming Workshops on Changes of Protocol

The How to Complete Changes of Protocol workshop will provide an overview of the process for submitting changes of protocol to the Health Sciences IRBs. The workshop will focus on when changes of protocol are required, the change submission process, and how to effectively submit changes. The workshop is directed at researchers submitted to the HS IRBs who are new to the change process as well as for those looking for help on how to effectively submit changes.

Two workshop opportunities will be offered in April:

Reminder: When NOT to Submit Changes for Exemptions

Our office has been receiving quite a few changes for projects determined to be exempt and, in some cases, did not need to be submitted per IRB guidance. When assessing whether a change is needed for your exemption, please keep the following in mind:

Improved ARROW Training Snapshot

With the update on March 31st, the training snapshot in ARROW will be updated with a new look and features. Highlights of the improvements include:

If you have any questions about these improvements, please email askarrow@medicine.wisc.edu.