EPD - Blackboard Ultra - Student Engagement During Live Web Conferences

Successful live web conferences rely on active participation. This document outlines the different ways that students can engage with and respond to presentation material.

1. Verbal response More info: Audio and Video

Share Audio

2. Post in the Chat
  More info: 


3. Agree/Disagree
- Quickly gauge the audience's opinion. Their collective responses will display in the Participants panel. 


4. Raise Hand
- Use Raise Hand to A. Quickly gauge student response or B. Seek 

Raise Hand

5. Respond to Poll  Initiate a poll for feedback on specific questions. More info: 

6. Markup the Whiteboard with text comments, drawings, and more.

View of Whiteboard

7. Video 

For more information, see 
Blackboard Help - Other Collaborate Features for Participants.