Install Microsoft Teams - from Outlook Web App - Windows

Instructions on installing the desktop version of the Microsoft Teams app.

-- Log into your email via the Outlook Web App.

-- From the email page click on the app launcher button (upper left hand corner).

-- Select Teams from the Apps Menu.

-- Next, a page should appear with the option to download, and install, the Teams desktop app.

MS Teams Download Page

-- If you don’t get the page shown above, you can still get the installer within the Microsoft Teams web version, by clicking Download desktop app (bottom left hand corner).

Get Desktop App button

-- Save the Teams_windows_x64.exe installer file.

-- After the download finishes, click and run Teams_windows_x64.exe, to install the software.

-- When prompted enter your email as the Sign-in address.

-- Enter your NetID credentials on the UW-Madison Login page.

Note: You may also be prompted for MFA/DUO authentication.

-- After authenticating, the Microsoft Teams desktop app should open, and be logged into your account.