EXT - Map UWCX Network Drives in Windows 10

How to Map UWCX Network Drives (Groups/I/Z) in Windows 10

As part of scheduled migration appointments, DoIT Support technicians will be assisting customers to connect to their UWCX network drives (known as the G, I, or Z drives) if desired. Should you have a need to connect to these drives in advance of your migration appointment, the instructions below will guide you through the process of connecting to UWCX network drives. Please note that connections to these drives are allowed only from wired networks in the Pyle Center, 45 N Charter St, and Extension Building locations, or via an active UWCX VPN connection.

1. Open File Explorer and select This PC.

Win 10

2. In the Computer ribbon menu, click the Map network drive.

Win 10

3. Complete the Drive and Folder fields based on which drive you're attempting to connect to:

Drive Letter (Historically) - Path
G: - \\\groups
I: or Z: - either \\\users$\[uwcx_username] or \\\sharedhome\[uwcx_username]

4. Ensure Reconnect at sign-in and Connect using different credentials are checked, then click Finish.

5. When prompted for credentials, type in your CITS/UWCX domain credentials with the username in the following format
Username: uwcx.net\[uwcx_username]
Password: [uwcx domain password]

6. Select Remember my credentials and click OK.

7. Repeat steps if desired for the alternate (groups/personal) drive.