Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Known Issue - Application Sharing appears as a green screen on some Chromebook devices

Some users have reported that when Application Sharing is used, only a green screen is displayed on their Chromebook device rather than the shared content. This article provides instructions to resolve the issue.

When attending a Collaborate Ultra session from a Chromebook device and the Application Sharing feature is used, the Chromebook user will see only a solid green content area in their session. This issue only occurs on Chromebooks running Chrome version 73.

Resolution/Workaround: Update Chrome to version 74 to resolve this issue.

If a user is unable to update to Chrome version 74 for any reason, they may resolve the issue by disabling hardware acceleration in their Chrome settings as follows:

  1. Enter the following in the Chrome address bar and press Enter:
    • chrome://flags
  2. Once the page loads, click in the "Search flags" field and type the following:
    • Hardware-accelerated video decode
  3. Click the drop-down menu to the right of the "Hardware-accelerated video decode" option and set it to "Disabled".
  4. A "Relaunch Now" button will appear near the bottom of the screen; click this button to relaunch the browser.
  5. "Hardware-accelerated video decode" is now disabled in the Chrome browser and the green screen issue should be resolved. If an update to Chrome version 74 becomes available at a later time, users can revert this change after updating if desired.