Wunk Sheek


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Wunk Sheek
215 N Brooks St.
Madison, WI 53715

 This Native American Student Organization, serves as the communication center for American Indian Students on campus. The organization provides an atmosphere of community that is basic to indigenous cultures. Wunk Sheek strives to contribute productive dialogue among the concerns of Indian Country and the non-Indian world, to promote traditional values and to share the richness and inclusion diversity present in pluralistic societal systems. For example, Wunk Sheek organizes and sponsors an on-campus Pow Wow. Wunk Sheek welcomes the participation of all students, faculty, staff as well as the area non- Indian community who may share these concerns.

During the school year the organization meets at the American Indian Student Cultural Center located at 215 N Brooks Street. 

Wunk Sheek is an organization that serves students of indigenous identity and members of the UW-Madison community interested in indigenous issues, culture, and history.

Wunk Sheek gives students of indigenous identity:

  • A way to socialize with one another
  • A way to connect with other UW-Madison student organizations
  • A way to represent indigenous communities to the wider UW-Madison community

Wunk Sheek gives members of the UW-Madison community interested in indigenous issues, culture, and history:

  • A source for indigenous knowledge, education, and experience
  • A way to connect with students of indigenous identity at an organizational level
  • A way to access and understand the indigenous communities Wunk Sheek members are from