University Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-04-15

University Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved 4/22/2019
Approved minutes for April 15, 2019          Approved April 22, 2019

UC members present: Amasino (chair), Bowers, Ventura, Warfield, Wolf
UC member absent: Campagnola
Others present (in addition to those noted below): S. Smith, J. Smith, J. Richard, H. Daniels, M. Felber

Chair Rick Amasino called the meeting to order at 1:02 p.m. Secretary of the Faculty Steve Smith called attention to documentation on faculty salary peer comparisons. Terry Warfield suggested inviting people familiar with this data and our pay tools (see below) in to discuss, potentially with the chancellor and/or VCFA.  University Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-04-08, were approved with one typographical correction because it's always something. PROFS lobbyist Jack O'Meara reported on a meeting with Rep. Murphy's legislative aide and Lobby Day. The UC reviewed and discussed the May Faculty Senate agenda.

Athletic Board chair Pete Miller, accompanied by co-FAR Ann Sheehy, reported that as a continuation of integrity efforts stemming from the recent Athletics safety audit, a report has been issued on academic services, parts of which Miller made available to the committee [link]. (Included with that information is annual by-sport recognition of those who have excelled academically and other highlights of academic performance.) This material shows that directed study classes, which are subject to abuse if not monitored and have been the source of problems on other campuses, are well distributed across departments and are being well used in general. Sheehy addressed gender equity standards and reported that we are ahead of peers in this regard. While there is currently no overarching Big10 or NCAA policy about this, there will be and we are well ahead of the curve; female participation in sports here is very close to % of student population. Much discussion followed.

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Laurent Heller discussed pay adjustment data with the UC [here and here]. Basic gist of this information is that there is some differential in how pay programs (block grants, CCF, bonus) have worked out across employment categories. Academic staff have gotten average 7.8% raises but only 63% of them got it; 80% of University Staff got raises, but of only 5% on smaller base; faculty do best, partly because of extra year of block grant: 74% got raise averaging 8.5%. Much discussion ensued about details, with UC concluding that in addition to connecting this information to salary data information (see above), this might be a good topic to pass on to the FCEB for next year. Heller also provided brief updates on the administrative transformation project (BoR is supportive and some hiring has started) and the state budget (governor proposal was good for us, unknown what legislature will do). 

UW Police Chief Kristen Roman reported she has begun one-on-one meetings with all the deans, something she will do annually. These meetings have allowed her to physically go to the schools and colleges and to focus on unique concerns and issues at different places (lab safety, FBI interfaces, student safety, etc.). UWPD has completed significant bolstering of classroom security, starting with high capacity classrooms, and is beginning a longer process of standardizing access control across campus. Roman also provided an update on her efforts to get community involved in her office, noting that her Police Advisory Council (of all stakeholders) is in place and she is working on a student-specific committee. Much discussion throughout, about the above as well as mental health and behavioral interventions and alcohol policies.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori Reesor reported that new UHS Director Jake Baggott, who will be starting very soon, will oversee both UHS and Rec Sports as the offices adopt a health and well-being model. Reesor discussed the progress of the Mental Health Task Force, which is mapping the landscape and identifying gaps. One already identified gap is poor messaging around the gamut of clinics and counselors on campus. The group will report out to the chancellor next month, but this will cover only the service aspect and will be followed by more work on prevention, mindfulness, and so on. The fraternity/sorority review is complete and will also come out next month. We do seem to be a little behind in this space and will be more proactive and purposeful moving forward, particularly about student safety. Ample discussion ensued on these and other topics, including future search for identity and inclusion position, overall governance structure, and medical amnesty.

Warfield moved to convene in closed session pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c) and (f) to discuss personnel matters. The motion was seconded and passed at 2:44 p.m. The UC approved the extension of an existing leave of absence for a third year. The committee also nominated one faculty member and several backups for a working group on sustainability and discussed Senate decorum at some length. Kirsten Wolf moved to reconvene in open session. The motion was seconded and passed at 3:11 p.m., at which point Amasino adjourned the meeting. 

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