e-Reimbursement - Deleting Expense Reports

Expense reports can be deleted under certain circumstances. Here is the deletion process for the e-Reimbursement and GET systems.

Expense Reports Displayed in the Active Reports Area

Expense reports that can be deleted will have the status of:

Expense Reports that should not be deleted:

Of Special Note


  1. at the e-Reimbursement homepage, click on the expenses app (box)

  2. click on the My Expense Reports app

  3. on the line for the specific report, click on the Actions button and select Delete report


  4. Read final warning and click YES to proceed



  1. on the GET homepage, click on the expense report you want to delete

  2. on the top right corner of the expense report, click on the DELETE button


  3. on the Confirm Delete window, click on the Delete button to permanently delete the expense report