EPD - Canvas LMS Quick Start for EPD Online Students

The following list outlines key resources for how to optimize use of Canvas LMS as a student.

For a complete list of resources, see the Canvas Student Guide

Getting started
 Supported Browsers
 Accessibility within Canvas
 Navigate Canvas LMS
 Find course content (Canvas Modules Tool)
 View and Edit Profile & User Settings in Canvas
 Setup Canvas notifications (so you don't miss important announcements)!

Assessments, Feedback, and Grading   
 Discussion Forums
 EPD - Canvas - Discussion Forums - How to Post Audio Comments 
 Submitting assignments
 EPD - Canvas - Creating and Submitting Digital Video Assignments 
 EPD - Canvas - Peer Review an Assignment - for Students 
 View grades and instructor feedback in Canvas
 View instructor assignment comments in Canvas
 View instructor assignment feedback annotations in Canvas
 EPD - Canvas - FAQ on Online Quizzes/Exams 

Key Canvas Tools

ToolWhat does it do?Did you know...Tips 
AnnouncementsGives you the most current news and updates posted by your instructor.You can access announcements on the User Dashboard right when you log into Canvas!Learn to set notifications so you can see announcements without logging into Canvas.
AssignmentsAllows you to view assignment instructions as well as submit completed assignments.You can view ALL of your course assignments on this page: upcoming assignments, past assignments, even overdue assignments.Check how to view submission details to ensure your assignments are properly submitted.
Blackboard UltraAllows for synchronous live web conferences  in a courseChrome is the recommended web browser for using Ultra. Learn more about Blackboard Ultra
CalendarOrganize course events in a calendar format.You can add your own events and dates in the calendar, and it remains private so only you can see it.Learning to manage your calendar will help you keep better track of due dates.
DiscussionsA space for instructors and students to converse and respond to posted topics.You subscribe to discussions so you'll be notified of new responses.Type and save your posts outside of Canvas, in case your connection is lost as you work.
GradesCheck grades and evaluate progress in a course.Grades in Canvas are unofficial. You should check with your campus portal for official grades. Learn to use the "What If" grade tool to predict what scores you'll need to attain a particular grade.
Modules (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Displays units or sections of the course, if utilized by the instructor.Instructors may organize courses by week, unit, subject, or course component. Learn how to easily navigate Modules as a student.  (Links to an external site.) Links to an external siteas a student.
PeopleAllows you to access a list that includes all classmates, the instructor, and TA(s).You can filter the list by role and also access Groups with this tool. Set up your profile so that you can get to know your classmates.
Piazza An alternative to the standard, built-in Discussion Forum tool.Piazza is ideal for highly technical, Q+A-style asynchronous discussions.Learn more about posting a question in Piazza
QuizzesTake and submit quizzes assigned by the instructor.There are various different kinds of questions that you may see in Canvas quizzes.Make sure to properly submit the quiz when you are done.