WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Adding GIFs to Your Site

In general, GIF imagery is too large to be loaded to WiscWeb. Instead, we recommend saving out GIFs as video files and linking to them or embedding them in your page. The following document will discuss the various options for including animated graphics on your WiscWeb site.

Recommended Solution: WebM Files

The recommended solution for including GIFs on your WiscWeb site would be to save out the file in a .webm format and then upload it to your Media Library. 

The following converter can be used to update your graphic from a .gif to a .webm:


Alternative Solution: Streaming Video Service

The other option would be to load your video to a streaming service like YouTube, Kaltura, or Vimeo. Then, use the embed code available in the chosen tool to embed the video content on your WiscWeb page.


  • WiscWeb will not be able to accommodate GIF file types. If the above solutions will not work for you, please attend an Open Lab to learn more about other solutions.

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