L&S Undergraduate Assistants

This document outlines the definition, duties, approval and evaluation processes for Undergraduate Assistants in the College of Letters & Science

Note: Use of the Undergraduate Assistant title requires Dean’s Office approval. Visit this KB document for more information on hiring a UA, visit KB# 95668:
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  • The Undergraduate Assistant (UA) title is used for undergraduate student instructors when no qualified graduate student is interested in and available to perform a function that would normally be assigned to a Teaching Assistant.
  • Undergraduate Assistants are expected to perform the same duties as their Teaching Assistant counterparts.
Policies on UA deployment
  • UAs may only be hired for secondary sections (discussion sections or labs)
  • UAs must be supervised by a qualified faculty or staff member in a primary section 
  • Departments will be required to confirm that they have made a good-faith effort to hire qualified and interested graduate students from their own or other departments. 
Duties and appointment letter
  • In addition to leading discussion sections or labs, UA duties might include holding office hours, grading, attending lecture and course meetings, etc. 
  • Each UA should receive an appointment letter at the outset of the appointment, with a workload that outlines the duties of the position and an approximation of the amount of time those duties will require over the course of the semester. 
Requests for UA approval should include: 
  • Staffing and enrollment details about the course for which a UA is being considered. 
  • Course-specific criteria for selection of qualified UAs (e.g., GPA within major, courses taken, prior teaching/tutoring experience). 
  • Documentation of department’s effort to recruit graduate students for the position in question.  
  • List of UA(s) to be hired and their supervisor(s). 
  • UA requests should be submitted to L&S Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning Administration.
  • Departments are responsible for using the same evaluation process to review performance of both TAs and UAs. 
  • UAs, like TAs, shall be informed of the evaluation process and criteria for evaluation at the start of the period for which they are being evaluated. 
  • For more information visit KB #93854 on Teaching Assistant evaluation: L&S Performance Evaluations for TAs, PAs, and UAs
Benefits, Classification, and Rate
  • Please email Laura Fisk at laura.fisk@wisc.edu with questions related to Undergraduate Assistants