DARS/Students - Start the DARS audit request process

Steps a student takes to access the DARS audit request page through Course Search & Enroll app. DARS audits can also be accessed through Student Center. Planned courses can only be viewed through the Course Search & Enroll app audit.


1. Go to https://www.wisc.edu

2.  Open MyUW drop down menu:

3.  Select MyUW home:

4.  Enter NetID and password when prompted:

Note:  Students will also be prompted to enter Multi-Factor Authentication.

5.  Select "Launch full app" on the Course Search & Enroll tile within MyUW:

6.  Select Degree Audit (DARS) from the menu bar at top of page:

7.  Proceed to view previously requested audits, or to request a new audit:

Run degree audit

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