HS IRBs News August 2019

Health Sciences and Minimal Risk IRBs, IRB News/Volume 11, Number 7, August 2019

Improving IRB Review Processes for Funding: Revisions and Changes to ICTR SRC Review Requirements for Studies with Pending Funding

Effective October 4th, two significant improvements to funding-related review processes are being made:

Please see this FAQ for details on these important improvements.

HS IRBs Office Staff Updates and Coverage Plans

Over the summer, two of our staff members – Corrie Burmeister and Faye Lux – moved on to other opportunities on campus. While we work on filling these positions, other HS IRBs staff are providing coverage for key areas as follows:

Upcoming Training Sessions

The Professional Research Education Program (PREP) also will be offering the following sessions:

Registration for all PREP sessions is available through the Office of Talent Management catalog.

Reminder: Grant Congruency Review Changes

Effective August 3rd, the IRB offices on campus are no longer reviewing grants for congruency with the IRB application. Recent revisions to the Common Rule no longer require IRBs to review grants for congruency and OVCRGE leadership is leveraging this change to begin streamlining the IRBs’ funding review process. Instead of the IRB assessing congruency, new tools in WISPR and ARROW will allow principal investigators (PIs) to confirm congruency with minimal effort on their part. Please see this FAQ for details about this streamlined approach to funding reviews.