Declaring Additional Majors Outside of L&S as an L&S Undergraduate Students

The following information explains the policy for L&S undergraduate interested in declaring an additional major outside the College of Letters & Science in the School of Education

Major Declaration Policy/Procedure for Additional Major Outside the College of Letters & Science (L&S):

Effective Spring 2020, L&S undergraduate students may declare one additional major in the School of Education.  The three (3) options for L&S undergraduates in Education are:

  1. Education Studies
  2. Health Promotion and Health Equity
  3. Theatre and Drama

These are currently the only non-L&S majors that L&S students may declare.  These additional majors are available to all L&S undergraduates (i.e. BA/BS, AMEP, BA/BS-Journalism, BA/BS-Social Work, and Bachelor of Music student) who meet admission requirements for the additional majors.  For more information about declaring one of the approved three majors can be found at School of Education.    

**Students with second majors in L&S only need to fulfill L&S major requirements.  

The following policies apply to L&S students with an additional non-L&S major:

To declare an additional major in the School of Education:  

An L&S student must meet with the major advisor for the Education Studies major, the Health Promotion and Health Equity major, or the Theatre and Drama major in the School of Education to complete the major declaration form.  Once the form has been successfully completed and signed by the advisor, it should be forwarded to the appropriate person in the School of Education for processing.  The designated person in Education will send the completed major declaration form to the L&S Undergraduate Academic Deans' Services email account (LSDEANS@SAA.LS.WISC.EDU) for review.   Once the request to add the additional major has been approved, a dean's action will be submitted allowing the student to carry an additional non-L&S major in the College of Letters & Science.  The additional major will then appear on the  student's record. 

Students are expected to meet regularly with their School of Education  academic advisor and their L&S major advisor regarding major and/or degree  requirements.

To cancel a second L&S major: 

L&S students who have admitted to an additional major in Education and later wish to cancel the major must speak with their Education advisor to cancel the Education Studies major, Health Promotion and Health Equity major, or Theatre and Drama major. Once the official paperwork for canceling the Education major has been completed, it should be forwarded to L&S Academic Deans' Services (LSDEANS@SAA.LS.WISC.EDU) for processing.


With questions, feel free to contact L&S Student Academic Affairs at (608) 262-0617 or