Course Search & Enroll - My Courses Tab


Learn how to use My Courses tab in Course Search & Enroll. View your cart, enrolled, wait list, dropped and courses saved for later. Drop or swap courses and enroll from the wait list.


The My Courses tab keeps your lists of selected and saved courses, and is where you will enroll, drop, or swap courses.

shopping_cartCart (courses list)

As you added courses to your Cart (from the Search tab), the campus’s enrollment system has checked that you are eligible to take these courses.

error “Validation failed” message

When there is a reason why you can’t go forward with enrollment, you’ll see a validation message to help you make a change. Common situations include not meeting the prerequisites for the course, needing permission to take the course, or exceeding the number of credits allowed in the term.

error “Sections not chosen” message

The Cart will also remind you to choose your section(s) for the course.

error “Enrollment failed” message

You'll see an enrollment error message if an enrollment attempt was previously unsuccessful.

Course error messages

Please note you might be seeing an error message from the last time your attempted to add the course to your cart or enroll.

The message does not auto refresh/revalidate and will stay on the page until you revalidate the course in your cart or the next time you try to enroll. For more information, see Course Search & Enroll - Error Messages Persisting.

Edit your cart

You can delete/enroll in one or more courses at a time.

For more information about the enrollment process, see Course Search & Enroll - Add & Enroll in Classes.

doneEnrolled (courses list)

View your successfully enrolled courses in the Enrolled list.


Swapping a course replaces one of your enrolled courses with one from your Cart. The swap process confirms that you were able to get into the new course, before dropping your enrolled course.

Select the checkbox for the class you wish to drop and then click the "Swap" button.

Choose the courses you want to swap in the next dialog box.

For more information about swapping classes, see Course Search & Enroll - Swapping a Class.

Swap courses


Dropping a course means you will no longer be enrolled in that course.

Select the checkbox for the class you wish to drop, click the Drop button and confirm this action in the next dialog box.

For more information about dropping classes, see Course Search & Enroll - Dropping a Class.

Drop a course

View schedule

Click the View schedule button at the bottom of the list of enrolled courses. Your schedule of enrolled courses, along with an exam schedule will pop up.

assignmentWait list (courses list)

View all the courses that have you on a wait list for your selected section. Students can be on up to three wait lists per term.

To enroll: When you’ve received notification from a course’s department that a seat is open for you, select that course from your Wait List courses list. Follow the same instructions as for enrolling in a course from your cart.

For more information about waitlists, see Course Search & Enroll - Add & Enroll in Classes.

delete_foreverDropped (courses list)

When courses are dropped before the start of the term, they are not displayed in the Course Search & Enroll app. After the start of the term, dropped courses will display under this list.

favoriteSaved for later (courses list)

View all the courses that you’ve added to your Saved for later list. Unlike courses in your Cart and Enrolled lists which are for a specific term, courses in the Saved for later list are viewable no matter what term you’ve chosen. This is why no section details (e.g., class meeting day and time) are displayed for Saved for later courses.

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