Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Known Issue: Safari Missing Microphone Selection

In Safari, there is no selection for choosing a microphone, so it will use the default microphone. In Chrome, there is a selection in the setup to choose a microphone, but this is not available in Safari.

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Join a Collaborate Ultra session from Safari.
  2. Click Report an Issue in the settings.
  3. Observe the "microphone=x" entry in the logs.
  4. Then join a session from Chrome and repeat to potentially see a different microphone in use.

Symptoms: While using Safari in a Collaborate Ultra session, you may find that the audience hears you from a different microphone than expected. Typically, from a laptop, Safari will default to the built-in microphone even if you have a headset plugged in and set to the default in the OS settings. This is only encountered if your computer has multiple audio input devices and/or you would like to switch devices during the session.

Cause: There is no selection area in Safari in the Audio test. See the screenshot below: NoMicrophoneOptioninSafari.png
In the following screenshot you will see that Chrome has an additional selection to choose the microphone you prefer. MicrophoneOptioninChrome.png
Safari will also ignore the OS default setting you have chosen and use it's built-in default device as seen in the screenshot below where we have chosen a headset to be our default. DefaultMicrophoneSettings.png

Resolution/Workaround: If Safari uses a microphone that you do not wish to use in your session, please use Chrome. Chrome allows you to select the microphone within the session from the Audio Test screen.