National W Club / Lettermans W Club


Email  --Mike Cerniglia (Executive Director)  -- Michelle Ballweg (Membership and Events Coordinator)  -- Doreen Dower (Director of Operations)

608-262-7717 -- General Info 
608-262-0147 -- Mike Cerniglia (Executive Director)
608-265-5965 -- Michelle Ballweg (Membership and Events Coordinator)
608-262-8993 -- Doreen Dower (Sr. Development Specialist)

(608) 265-3736

Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Kellner Hall
1440 Monroe Street
Madison, WI 53711


"The W Club is comprised of individuals who have earned the University’s varsity athletic insignia “W” for their athletic or team involvement or who have been named as honorary members for their support services.

With a great sense of legacy and pride, the W Club focuses on providing opportunities for members to stay connected to former teammates, the school and the heritage of being a former Badger Athlete. It is just not what or why we do things but in what spirit we approach our mission. There are three core principles of service that member’s value in the W Club".

"The mission of the National W Club is to nurture the legacy, tradition and values that come from participation in Intercollegiate Athletics. Through a strong, active membership of W award winners and by financial and other support for the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we champion an environment of academic excellence for all who wear the cardinal and white".
  • Operate concessions for UW intercollegiate athletic events. 
  • Have social activities and occasional scholarship drives. 
  • Assist Athletic Dept with public relations. 
  • Alumni group.