LEAD: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Learning Engagement Analytics Dashboard

This document details frequently asked questions regarding the Learner Engagement Analytics Daskboard (LEAD).

-Access LEAD at https://dataviz.wisc.edu/#/workbooks/1244/views

-The LEAD Knowledge Base doc includes a link to LEAD and also to the support email address if you have questions. Or access the UW-Madison Knowledge Base (kb.wisc.edu) and search “learning analytics” or “LEAD”. 

-Email dashboardsupport@wisc.edu with any questions or issues. 

-That is correct, it depends on how the video was added/embedded in your course. 

-Currently, videos that are embedded into Canvas are tracked by LEAD only if they were embedded using the direct integration to Kaltura Media under the blue V icon which launches more external tools.

Canvas External Tools menu

NOTE: please do NOT redo all of your embedded media if it’s not showing up now; that could take considerable time and energy, and we continue to explore alternatives.  

-Based on the discussion with LEAD pilot participants, we learned that when we streamlined a data process over the weekend (on Oct 6), it also affected the visualizations, and some activity wasn’t displaying in LEAD. That has been corrected and you should be seeing data for all dates again now. 

-Double-check that you have clicked the “Apply” button if you adjust filters; remember if you switch from one visualization to the next, the filters are persistent until you change them back/again. 

-Again, please don’t hesitate to send us questions. You can also request a consultation, so we can look at your dashboard with you, and discuss specific questions you may have. 

-That is correct, it does show the days of the week. Remember you can filter by date, and see a week or just a few weeks or days at a time. Adjust the slider at the top of the visualization. 

-Currently you can download summary data - go to the top right corner of the page in Tableau, and the download icon allows you to download an image, a PDF, or a PowerPoint document. 

-Downloading as a CSV file is also possible; contact us at dashboardsupport@wisc.edu  if you would like access to a CSV file and we can update your permissions. This is raw data and will need to be manipulated.  

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