[ay15-16] Moodle - Recommended Systems and Browsers


UW-Madison has adopted Canvas as its single, centrally supported learning management system. As of 6/1/2018, support for Desire2Learn (D2L) and most Moodle courses has been discontinued. Access to those courses has permanently ended. However, certain Moodle courses that are part of the Adanced Quizzing Content Functional Gaps project are still available on Moodle. Those courses are located on the Moodle Extension site.

This document gives technical requirements for those accessing a Moodle site. This includes browser recommendation and configuration. Moodle 2.3

Recommended Browsers

Most browsers will handle the Moodle pages without problem. Some individual modules may require special software or plugins.

Minimum recommended browser: Firefox 25.0, Internet Explorer 9 (10 for drag and drop uploads), Safari 6, Google Chrome 30.0

Recommended Settings

  1. Make sure that the browser is set to accept cookies (from both 1st party and 3rd party). See Web Browsers - Cookies FAQ for details (use the "managing cookies" links on the bottom of the page).
  2. Javascript must be enabled. See Web Browsers - Enabling Javascript

Recommended Software

The following software should be installed for full functionality within the Moodle site:

  • Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE). JRE v.1.4.2.x, JRE 1.5.x, JRE 1.6.x (recommended) are supported and are required for Wimba (voice tools). See Windows - Installing Sun Java.

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