2020-21 L&S Undergraduate Guide Revisions – deadlines and information

Each fall departments and programs must review their program Guide pages for accuracy and updates. The Guide is an official document for major, certificate, degree, and entrance requirements. The Guide, along with DARS, communicates important information to students and advisors.

L&S Deadlines for Fall 2020 Undergraduate Guide changes

Deadline for changes effective Fall 2020 is November 29, 2019.

How to submit changes

  • ‘Governed’ program tabs (How to Get In, Requirements, Learning Outcomes, Four Year Plans, Accreditation):
    Submit changes with Lumen Programs Proposals (in the Lumen widget in MyUW). Changes to these pages require governance approval at the department/program and college levels.  (Depending on changes, additional levels of approval may be required.) 

Implementation of changes

  • Approved changes are effective in Fall 2020 and will be published June 2020.
  • DARS will be updated to reflect approved changes, effective for students who declare their program(s) in Fall 2020.

Resources for Undergraduate Guide editing

New: Lumen/Guide Policy and Style Guidelines for Undergraduate Programs in L&S. The L&S Curriculum Committee recently approved this document, to serve students better by having common language and greater consistency across the L&S undergraduate Guide. In this editing cycle, L&S AIM will work with departments to ensure their Lumen Programs proposals align with these guidelines.  
Open Labs: Please attend an open lab if you need help submitting undergraduate Guide updates:
Additional L&S-Curated Resources for Working with Lumen Programs can be found here.

Editing access

Please Note:  Undergraduate programs that are shared between L&S and CALS will, as usual, require additional consultation between the colleges.

Additional information