Bombay Bicycle Club of Madison, Inc


Email -- Larry Cutforth, President

(608) 555-1212 -- Bombay Bicycle Club Main Phone Line
(608) 255-2345 -- Madison Police Department
(608) 266-6225 -- Pedestrian/Bike Safety Coordinator
(608) 266-4474 -- Bicycle License Coordinator

Bombay Bicycle Club of Madison, Inc.
PO Box 45685
Madison, WI 53744-5685

A Madison-based bicycle touring club that offers weekend morning tours April to November, Saturday rides, summer season weekday rides, weekend rides, and a series of rides for leisure cyclists and families. Each ride is planned by a club member; rides vary considerably in distance and difficulty. Tours are open to the public, but those interested are encouraged to join. Dues are $35 (individual) or $50 (family membership) per year. Schedules are available at Madison area bike shops (or call Touring Chair for current rides). Bimonthly newsletter to members; spring and fall club meetings open to public.