AEFIS - Default Evaluation Dates for End-of-semester (Admin)

Every AEFIS survey instance comes with five date fields which control various behaviors of the survey. This document explains these dates and shares UW-Madison best practices.

Locating the Survey Dates

  1. From the AEFIS main menu, (the three-stacked lines icon) select Survey.
  2. Locate the survey in question.
  3. Select the Manage button, on the right-side of the screen.
  4. In the navigation bar on the left, select Settings.
  5. You will now see these five dates.
    Date fields

About Those Dates

Activation Date: primarily used as a "reminder" for the departmental AEFIS administrator. On this date, you (AEFIS admin) will receive an email notifying you that the activity for this survey is about to begin, and recommends you review the survey instance to ensure it is ready to go. The default activation date is two weeks prior to the Survey Starts date (described below). 

Faculty Notification: On this date, an email is sent to instructors (of the course sections included in this survey instance), informing them that the evaluation period is about to begin. By default faculty are notified three days before the Survey Starts date (described below). This field can be modified. For instructors to receive notification, course sections must be assigned to the survey 24 hours before this Faculty Notification date.

Survey Starts: The first day students can access and complete course evaluations. Students will receive an email, notifying them that the evaluation is now open. By default, surveys will run during the last two weeks of class time (as defined by the official academic calendar). Once a survey starts, students will receive a reminder email every three days (from this start date), until either they complete the survey, or the survey ends (next field). This field can be modified. However, we recommend not changing this Survey Starts field unless the survey is a pre-semester, or mid-semester survey. AEFIS will consolidate notification and reminder emails for students, provided the emails are being sent on the same day. If every school/college were to declare their own survey start dates, students will be receiving reminder emails every day.

Survey Ends: This date identifies the last day students can complete the course evaluation. This field can be modified, and often is modified when schools, colleges or departments wish to extend the response time.

Results Available: The first date instructors can access the specific responses in an AEFIS course evaluation. This field cannot be modified for end of semester evaluations. It is set by the institution and is always set to the day after the grading period ends. This date also applies to short courses. Thus, a short course may end in mid-summer, the survey will end in mid-summer, and still the instructor will not be able to see the results until after the entire summer semester has ended.