Symantec Endpoint Protection (Windows 10) - Uninstallation Instructions

This document explains how to uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection in Windows 10

Note: If your some reason you are unable to uninstall Symantec by following the instructions in this document, you may have to remove the program manually; see Manually Uninstalling Symantec Products.

  1. Use the Windows key or icon to open the Start Menu.

    Windows Start Image

  2. Search for the phrase "Add or remove programs" and select the System Settings option with a gear icon:

    Windows start search

  3. You should now be redirected to the "Apps & features" settings in System Preferences. Using the search bar, search for Symantec Endpoint Protection:

    Add & remove programs page

  4. Select Uninstall. Another prompt may appear, in which case Uninstall can be selected again.

    Uninstall prompt

  5. You may be prompted to enter credentials if User Account Control is configured. If so, enter credentials to make changes.

    UAC prompt

  6. The installation should be now be successful. You additionally may be prompted to restart the device to complete changes. If so, save all work and proceed.