UW-Madison Skateboard / Rollerblade Policy



(608) 264-2677 -- University Police

1429 Monroe Street
Madison, WI 53711

• Wisconsin State Statute prohibits use of skateboards on public roadways, including all streets or bicycle ways that are part of a street on the UW campus or in the City of Madison.

• City of Madison Ordinance prohibits the use of rollerblades and skateboards on sidewalks that are in business districts.

• If in violation of UW Administrative Code 18.10(8), Play Vehicles (Skateboarding and Rollerblading) Prohibited, you will be subject to a penalty of $210.50.

For information on where you can skateboard, ask a University Police Officer. A great deal of damage occurs to stonework, glass, metal rails and steps each year. On Humanities and Vilas Hall, the sound carries through the surface to the rooms below, disrupting classes and student music programs.
Maps are available at police station that show where skateboarding is permitted.

The use of rollerblades, rollerskates, or skateboards is not allowed in, around, or adjacent to any University building, including residence halls. Students are expected to remove their rollerblades prior to entering residence hall facilities.