(WHS Archives) ArchivesSpace Resource -- EAD Export [DRAFT]

Instructions for exporting EAD from ASpace and editing before putting onto UWDCC testsite.

Exporting EAD from ASpace

  1. Import MARCxml Resource Record for Alma, if not already done so.
  2. Merge into the EAD Resource Record
  3. Export PDF to review and make needed edits
  4. Export -- Download EAD -- check = Include unpublished; Include <dao> tags; Use numbered <c> tags
  5. Open xml in <oXygen/>
  6. Save as:
    L:\\LIBARC\LIBARC SHARED\Archives Cataloging and EAD\EAD\ASpace [EAD New or EAD Updates once established]
    File name = last part of EAD ID ; for example: m2001028
  7. Tools -- Format and Indent Files -- All opened files
    Note: make sure only the file being worked on is open
  8. Replace <ead>:
    <ead audience="internal" xmlns="urn:isbn:1-931666-22-9" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="urn:isbn:1-931666-22-9 http://www.loc.gov/ead/ead.xsd">
    <ead id="uw-whs-[filename]">
  9. Replace <eadheader>
    <eadheader countryencoding="iso3166-1" dateencoding="iso8601" findaidstatus="In Review" langencoding="iso639-2b" repositoryencoding="iso15511">
    <eadheader langencoding="iso639-2b" scriptencoding="iso15924" dateencoding="iso8601" countryencoding="iso3166-1" repositoryencoding="iso15511">
  10. Remove US in <eadid> mainagencycode attribute: mainagencycode="whi"
  11. Remove url in <eadid>:  url="http://digital.library.wisc.edu/1771.dl/wiarchives.uw.whs.[filename]"
  12. Need to remove <titleproper type="filing">? CHECK
  13. Remove <num>[call numbers and accession numbers]</num> from <titleproper>
  14. Remove in <address>:
    <addressline>URL: <extptr xlink:href="https://www.wisconsinhistory.org/Records/Article/CS15325" xlink:show="new" xlink:title="https://www.wisconsinhistory.org/Records/Article/CS15325" xlink:type="simple"/></addressline>
  15. Add in <profiledesc><creation><date>:
    <date era="ce" calendar="gregorian" type="publication" normal="[YYYY-MM]">
  16. <unitdate> Make sure <unitdate> appears inside <unittitle> for the collection title as well as in the contents list for Parts.
  17. <unitid> at collection level:
            - Remove periods between call numbers, add semicolons and spaces, as needed
            - Add additional call numbers from abstract when more than 200 characters
            - Add label="Call Number"
  18. Compess <physdesc><extent>: take out altrender attribute as well as combining two extents within one <physdesc> into one
    For example:

    <physdesc altrender="part">
      <extent altrender="materialtype spaceoccupied">0.2 cubic feet of photographs</extent>
            <extent altrender="carrier">(1 archives box)</extent>

          <physdesc altrender="part">
    <extent>0.2 cubic feet of photographs (1 archives box)</extent>

  19. Replace <repository>:
            <corpname>Wisconsin Historical Society, Division of Library, Archives, and Museum Collections </corpname>
          <repository label="Repository">
            <extptr entityref="whslogo" show="embed" actuate="onload" altrender="center" title="Wisconsin Historical Society logo" role="logoimage"/>
            <extref linktype="simple" href="https://www.wisconsinhistory.org/Records/Article/CS15325" role="handle">
              Wisconsin Historical Society, Division of  Library, Archives, and Museum Collections</extref>

    Replace with appropriate ARC or Collection [link to Appendix]
  20. Replace <physloc id="aspace_ad[######]">whi</physloc> with <physloc type="locationcode" audience="internal">whi</physloc> [also need to update for ARCs!!!]
  21. Move <repository> and <physloc> after <physdesc>
  22. Remove <langmaterial> when there is more than one
  23. Move <note> pointing to restriction and assigned series number before the closing <did> tag after the abstract
  24. Create <descgrp type="admininfo"> <head>Administrative/Restriction Information</head> and move <userestrict> <accessrestrict> <acqinfo> <processinfo> under <descgrp>
  25. Remove <head> under <accessrestrict> <userestrict> and <acqinfo>
  26. For any <extref> remove "xlink:" before href attribute
  27. For <list> verify type. ASpace allows for type="deflist" or "ordered" or <chronlist>; if not one of these change type="marked"
  28. Html codes
          - Replace "[space
    ]&amp;[space]" with &#38;
          - Replace remainder of &amp; with &
  29. Replace "Library of Congress Subject Headings" in <subject> source attribute with "lcsh"
  30. Validate in <oXygen/> = Validte with -- ead.dtd file in EAD/EAD New/EAD DTD and Stylesheet
    1. Ignore validation error for logo: E[Xerces]ENTITY "whslogo" is not unparsed.
  31. FTP to UWDCC testsite
TO DO: Create clip in NoteTab Pro to do some of this conversion/replacement