(WHS Archives) EAD -- Appendix H. Checklist for Review on Test Site

Checklist for review of EAD finding aids once on UWDCC testsite.

For all finding aids

  • Check for misspellings and typos
    • Misspellings of proper names, paste into Google and check results
      For example:
             "Ullein-Revicky, Lovice" should be "Ullein-Reviczky, Lovice"
             "Puelicher, Gertraude" should be "Pueliher, Gertrude"
             "Madeleine Island" should be "Madeline Island"
  • For collections created by more than one creator
    • Are all individuals in the creator field who are listed in the title?
    • If the collection is family papers, with a prominent family member are both listed?
    • Only one corporate body may be listed under creator and is the latest form of the corporate name found in the collection
  • Are birth and death dates for individuals listed when known?
    • Name should follow the LC NAF, however dates may be added if not part of the NAF
  • If person is known by a nickname, when referring to the person by name in the abstract and/or biography/historical statement, in the first instance use their full name with nickname in doublequotes, no parenthesis (which is done in the creator field)
    For example:
    Elizabeth "Betty" Boardman
  • Are collection bulk dates listed for collection, if appropriate? 
    • List inclusive dates first followed by bulk dates in parenthesis
    • For older finding aids bulk dates might be mentioned in the abstract but not recorded with the collection dates
    • For multi-part collections, only use inclusive dates, not bulk
  • Are both the collection level <unittitle> and <titleproper> in title case?
  • Are series headings in title case?
  • <unittitle> in contents list should only be in title case for titles of books, articles, shows, etc., otherwise only capitalize first word and proper nouns
  • Is the call number list complete and separated by semi-colons?
  • Do sequences of film call numbers include the letter preface?
    For example:
              "AE 008-026" should be "AE 008-AE 026"
  • Have call numbers fro audio recordings been updated from "Tape" to "Audio"?
  • Extent
    • Is the extent accurate and does it match the MARC catalog record?
    • Has "c.f." been expanded to "cubic feet[foot]"
    • Space added before "mm" for reels of film and microfilm: (16 mm)
    • Inch instead of " [quotation mark]: 3/4 inch
  • URL links
    • Make sure links are working
    • Are the links "permalinks"? 
    • For link to MARC catalog record, make sure link is with OCLC number and not old RLIN number
    • For link to MARC catalog record, make sure language is updated to state collection make be stored offsite
    • Verify ARC links are updated to latest version
  • Repository
    • Make sure the correct ownership and housing is listed
    • For collections at ARCs, is the collection split between the ARC and WHS?
    • Is the name of the ARC updated to latest version?
  • Is the list of accession numbers complete and separated by commas?
  • Does the hierarchy of the contents list make sense? Are any component levels off?
  • Acronyms
    • Are they explained the first time they are used in the narrative and the contents list?
      For example:
                Associated Press (AP)
    • For personal names, spell out in every instance
      For example:
                JFK = John F. Kennedy
  • Have abbreviations been spelled out?
    For example:
              Names of states: "WI" should be "Wisconsin"
              Names of months: "Feb." should be "February"
    Exceptions: Vol. and No. in a periodical citation are fine; as are D.C. (for District of Columbia), Sr., Jr., Mr., Mrs., Dr.
  • Restrictions
    • Are they noted both at the collection level and if needed at the series, part, box, or folder level?
    • Is there a note in the summary page pointing to a Restriction? "There is a restriction on access to and use of this material", remove mention of access or use as appropriate
    • Are the right restriction tags used? Access vs. Use
  • Proper [Formal] Titles
    • Are titles of books, newspapers, films, plays, periodicals, and television or radio series in <title render="italic" tags?
    • Are titles of songs, articles, or individual episodes of television or radio programs in <title render="doublequote"> or at least in left (&#8220;) and right (&#8221;) quote marks?
  • Ships
    • Are the names of ships tagged with <emph render="italic"> tags?
    • Is the prefix capitalized and not in italics?
      For example:
                SS Meteor
      USS Wisconsin
  • Call numbers
    • If audio, film, microfilm, or photo call numbers are listed in the contents list, is the call number or accession number listed to indicate a return to the main call number for the collection?
    • Is the first call number/accession number tagged in <unitid> at the beginning of the contents list? At each Part?
  • Audio
    • Has audio been moved from <unitid> to <container>, with "Audio" included with the label attribute?
    • Have old audio lists been converted to include audio number for each recording?
  • Have ampersands (&) been replaced by "and" where appropriate? Exceptions are the authorized form of names or partnerships, "formal" titles, etc.
  • Are there any missing and/or extra spaces?
  • Eliminate old references to "above" or "below" in the narrative and contents list

For State Records

  • Is there a link to an agency record in the MARC catalog for the creator in the <bioghist> field?
  • Series number
    • For collections which consist of only "unprocessed" accessions, has a series number been assigned for the records? If so add note to summary page.
      For example:
                These records have been assigned Series 3158.
    • Does the file name reflect the series number?
    • If the file name has been renamed, note change on the paperwork and contact UWDCC with the change before site upload

For Multi-Part Collections

  • Call numbers and Accession numbers
    • Are all of the call numbers and accession numbers accurately listed for the various parts?
    • Exception: If there are more than 3 film and/or video call numbers, only state "film" and/or "video" after other call numbers and accession numbers
    • If audio by the same number appears in more than one part list the portion which appears in the part
      For example:
                Audio 1507A/244-249
    • Are the appropriate call numbers listed both in the arrangement of materials section and in the contents list after the part number?
  • Dates
    • Are the dates accurate for each of the parts?
    • Only use inclusive (or single year) dates, not bulk dates
    • Are the dates both in the arrangement of materials section and in the contents list after the part number?
  • Arrangement of Material
    • Has the number of parts been updated?
    • Are all parts listed and linked?
  • Extent
    • Do the various parts have accurate physical descriptions including number of and types of containers in parenthesis?
      For example:
                4.4 cubic feet (4 record center cartons and 1 archives box)
  • Scope and Contents
    • When adding Part 2, has the Scope and Content for the Collection been moved to under Part 1 in the contents list?
    • Do all of the various parts have at least a short scope and content?
  • Containers
    • For parts without lists, has a general contents list been added to state generally what is in the box(es)?
    • Does the abstract describe the accession generally what is in Box 1, Box 2, etc.? If yes than split out as a contents list
    • For one box accessions note generally what is is Box 1 as a contents list; this may only be one <container>
  • Has the abstract for the whole collection been updated to reflect the entire collection, as opposed to just describing the process portion or the portion already part of the collection?