Faculty Center - Changing Grades Electronically


An overview an step-by-step guide to submitting grade changes electronically through the Faculty Center.


Submit grade changes after grades have been posted by the Office of the Registrar.

Important note: You can only submit grade changes if you have 'Approve' grade submission capabilities. Some instructors only have 'Grade' capabilities; this does not allow grade changes. If grading access needs to be adjusted, contact your departmental timetable representative.

For assistance, email registrar@em.wisc.edu or call (608) 262-3811.


  1. Login to MyUW, then select the Faculty Center tile.
  2. Main page will display your schedule for the current term. To view the schedule for a different term, click the Change Term button.
  3. For the student whose grade needs to be changed, click on the appropriate grade roster icon in which the student was enrolled.
    A course can have one to three possible types of grade rosters:
    • Grade Roster icon Posted Grade Roster (by grading section)
    • Packaged Grade Roster icon Packaged Grade Roster
    • Xl-MW Grade Roster icon XL-MW Grade Roster
  4. In the grade roster:
    1. Locate the correct student
    2. Click the green [REQUEST GRADE CHANGE] button (on far right of grade roster)
  5. In the Grade Change Request page, complete the following fields:
    • Change Grade To - New grade for student
      Tip: To see a list of valid grade entries, click on the magnifying glass, click [Look Up], and select the grade.
    • Reason for Change - Appropriate selection from drop down list
    • Enter Date Completed
      Warning: If the student is expected to graduate in the term the course was taken, it is vital that the 'date completed' is BEFORE the last day of that term.
    • Click [Submit to Academic Dean's Office] button
      Note: The Dean's Office and Office of the Registrar will each review and process the grade change.
      The grade change should appear on the student's record in 3-5 business days.
  6. Click the blue [Return] button.

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