Bascom Hill District Historical Plaques


There are 13 historical plaques placed along and around the Bascom Hill area extending down to the Memorial Union. The titles and locations of the plaques are as follows...

1. A Stage for All - recognizing the theater wing at Memorial Union (corner of Park and Langdon).

2. Leaders in Science - describes scientific firsts on campus (along path running around the side of Science Hall, located at the bottom of Bascom Hill, placed to the left of Science Hall's main front door).

3. On the Air - description of WHA's origins as first educational radio station (in lawn between Education and Science halls, along Bascom Hill path and behind/to the South of Radio Hall).

4. The American Character - about Frederick Jackson Turner's Frontier Thesis (on lawn in between the School of Education building and North Hall along Bascom Hill path).

5. Natural Wonders - describes John Muir and his environmental legacy (on the lake side of Observatory Drive near Muir Knoll and across the street from North Hall).

6. Academic Freedom Rings - the sifting and winnowing quote (in front of Bascom, on lawn near north wing). Please note: this plaque is currently missing. 

7. The Power of Ideas - explains the Wisconsin Idea's origins and meaning (in front of Bascom, on lawn near south wing).

8. Reform and Revolt - describes the 1960s protests and the Sterling Hall bombing (in small shrub lawn island located in the middle of the sidewalk area surrounded by Bascom, Birge and Van Vleck, with view of Sterling in the background).

9. Global Vision - description of Peace Corps volunteerism and history of global outreach (in lawn along Bascom Hill path near South Hall).

10. The First Dance - describes UW's groundbreaking dance program and its significance (along Bascom Hill path between Law Building and South Hall, with view of Lathrop in the background).

11. Securing the Future - explanation of Wisconsin's ties to Social Security and labor laws (between Music Hall and Law School on Bascom Hill path). Please note: this plaque is currently missing. 

12. A Grand Experiment - describes the Experimental College and its legacy (along Park Street sidewalk, in lawn between Chadbourne and Music Hall, across the street from Humanities).

13. Our Shared Future - acknowledges the campus occupies ancestral Ho-Chunk land, a place the tribe called Teejop (The marker will travel around campus until Fall 2020 to gain visibility and then will be permanently placed on Bascom Hill)