Webex Meetings: Recording

As users around the globe are moving to remote workplaces, local network and telephony infrastructures are seeing increased traffic load. While Webex is continually increasing capacity, they are also working with their telephony vendors to ensure they have adequate capacity to support this increased volume traffic. However, in some situations, local service providers are experiencing issues with the high demand experienced due to increased remote users. Where possible, users may be encouraged to use "Use Computer for Audio" (VoIP) to help alleviate this issue.

The Webex Global Service Status provides updates to service issues. Please note all UW-Madison users must contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance. Users contacting Cisco directly will be redirected to the DoIT Help Desk.

How to turn on recording during a Webex Meeting and get access to the recordings after the meeting.

Record meetings for people who can't attend or for those who want to refer back to what was discussed. Your recordings can either be saved to the cloud or your computer as a local recording.

These steps apply to Webex Meetings and Webex Events.

Only the host or an alternate host can record a meeting. You cannot record if the recording option is not available.

If an alternate host records the meeting, the meeting host still receives and owns the recording after the meeting ends.

Recordings in the cloud and downloaded to your computer are saved in MP4 format.

If you record on your computer in MP4 format, the panels, such as the Chat panel, and any files that you share using Share File are not included in the recording. 

1. If you see the record button on the bottom icon tray then you are able to record. If you do not see a record button then recording is not available to you yet. This menu hides until you move your mouse near the bottom of the Webex Meeting in session.The first time you record or access the recordings you will be prompted to Accept to agree to UW Madison privacy and security guidelines.

Record button

2.  Once recording is turned on it will ask you to start the recording. Press Record.

Start recording

3. Once the Record is selected an audio states the the "meeting is now being recorded" and in the upper right corner it states Recording in progress with a red record icon. The recording in progress words stay on only a few seconds, but the red record icon remains until recording is stopped.

Meeting is recording in upper right corner

You may start and stop the recording during the meeting. Just go to the bottom icon tray and click on the record button if you closed the pause / stop recording options. If you stop recording then start up recording during the same meeting two or more separate recording files will be created. If you only want one recording then use the Pause button.

Pause stop recording

When the meeting is completed you can access your recordings at https://uwmadison.webex.com

1. Sign in to https://uwmadison.webex.com using your primary email for UW Madison, authenticate NetID and password for UW Madison. If you have MFA security prompt complete that step.

2. Select Recording from the left side navigation, your recordings will appear as a list from most recent at the top to older recordings.

Recordings after a meeting

3. To download the recording file to put on your computer click on the download icon.Recording options file, share, delete

4. To share a link with others to the recording click the Share icon, and add emails of who should receive the recording. 

recording options

5. You can at any time decide to turn off public access the recording is not longer available from the link by clicking on stop .

Stop public access to recording

6. The last icon allows you to edit or delete the recording.

This is a Cisco product- for more information see https://cisco.com/go/webex