Learn@UW/D2L - Bulk Course Export

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Desire2Learn (D2L) service is scheduled to be decommissioned on June 30, 2020. All UW campus users are accessing online courses via the Canvas learning management system. This Knowledgebase site and all documents will no longer be available after 6/30/20. Please contact your local campus Help Desk if you need assistance.

These are the steps that Administrators can take to export a large course or more than one course at once. The following instructions are available in an announcement in the Bulk Course Export course that is available on each campus D2L site.

This process can only be completed by administrators.

1. Create the BCE .csv file with these fields <Org Unit ID>,<course offering code>
2. Place the .csv file in the Inbox folder of the Bulk Course Export course (in Manage Files).
3. The process runs automatically in the early hours of the morning.
4. When the process is complete, the exported Bulk Course Export zip will be in the Outbox folder (in Manage Files). 

5. Expand the Bulk Course Export .zip to access the individual D2LExport .zip files for each course in the .csv file. 
NOTE: Course export/import is not exactly the same as Copy Course Components. For example, Conditional Releases and Start/End Dates are not included in an export/import.