WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Auto Scaling of Images with "-scaled" File Name

The following KB doc will discuss WordPress behavior involving the auto-scaling of images in the Media Library.

 WordPress 5.3 Update

In version 5.3, WordPress rolled out a change to the behavior of the Media Library such that images larger than a certain size will be automatically scaled upon upload. WordPress can now detect when an image exceeds the maximum recommended web-optimized size and will scale the file down and append "-scaled" to the file name.  

More information on this change can be found on the WordPress.org website.

 Issues with Auto-Scaling

Auto-scaling of images can result in lower image resolutions. 

It will also rename your file name by appending "-scaled" before the file extension. (Example: filename-scaled.jpg)

 How to Combat Auto-Scaling

The best way to combat auto-scaling is to resize your image outside of WordPress, prior to upload. It is recommended that a user use a program like Photoshop to accomplish this. 

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