Wisconsin State Symbols

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(Source: Wisconsin Blue Book)

"Over the years the Wisconsin Legislature has officially recognized a wide variety of state symbols. In order of adoption, Wisconsin has designated an official seal, coat of arms, motto, flag, song, flower, bird, tree, fish, state animal, wildlife animal, domestic animal, mineral, rock, symbol of peace, insect, soil, fossil, dog, beverage, grain, and dance. (The "Badger State" nickname, however, remains unofficial.) These symbols provide a focus for expanding public awareness of Wisconsin's history and inclusion diversity. They are listed and described in Section 1.10 of the Wisconsin Statutes."


State Animal: Badger
State Ballad: Oh Wisconsin, Land of My Dreams
State Beverage: Milk
State Bird: American Robin
State Capitol: Madison 
State Coat of Arms: Coat of Arms
State Dance: Polka
State Dog: American water spaniel
State Domestic Animal: Dairy cow
State Fish: Muskellunge
State Flag: Flag of Wisconsin
State Flower: Wood violet
State Fossil: Trilobite 
State Fruit: Cranberry
State Grain: Corn
State Insect: Honeybee
State Mineral: Galena
State Motto: "Forward"
State Name Origin: 
Origin of "Wisconsin"
State Nickname: The Badger State or America's Dairyland
State Pastry: Kringle
State Rock: Red Granite
State Seal: Seal of Wisconsin
State Soil: Antigo silt loam 
State Song: "On Wisconsin"
State Tartan: Tartan of Wisconsin
State Symbol of Peace: Mourning dove
State Tree: Sugar maple
State Waltz: The Wisconsin Waltz
State Wildlife Animal: White-tailed deer