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This page provides links to troubleshoot issues in blackboard ultra

Troubleshooting Help and Support with Blackboard Ultra

For urgent issues during a live session of an EPD course, please email onlinesupport@epd.wisc.edu

Troubleshooting Connection or Audio Issues

Sometimes issues arise when connecting to a web conference session. The two most common issues we see are having difficulty connecting, or have various audio issues after you get connected. Here are a few things to try if you have these issues. 99.9% of the time, they will fix the problem. If you continue to have issues, then please do use the contact information below to reach out for assistance.

Troubleshooting Tips for Connection Issues

  1. Check your wifi/Internet connection. Can you load another website in your web browsers?
  2. Completely quit the web browser and try re-joining the session.
  3. Try connecting with a different web browser. As we've mentioned Chrome, Firefox, and the Chromium version of Edge are best, and have the fewest problems.
  4. Try connecting from a different location (network) to see if that fixes the issue. Sometimes corporate firewalls block some Internet connections.

 Troubleshooting Tips for Audio Issues

  1. Use the Troubleshooting tips above.
  2. Verify that your web browser preferences are set to allow audio and video.  [ Instructions for Chrome | Instructions for Firefox | Instructions for Edge ]
  3. Check to make sure your USB headset or earbuds are functioning properly.

99.9% of the time one of the steps above will fix the issue. Otherwise keep moving through.

Other connection and audio workarounds to use if you don’t have time and need to just participate in the web conference, and then do troubleshooting later.

For additional technical support with Blackboard Ultra, EPD online students and instructors have several options.