CloudFax - Scan-to-Email Guide

The steps below explain how to use a multifunctional printer to scan a document, email the document to your UW-Madison email address, and use the scanned document to send a fax using the CloudFax service.


  1. Place your document on the scanner bed of your multifunctional printer

  2. Select the scan option

  3. Select the email tab

  4. Select the manual entry option

  5. Enter your email address (ex: on the printer's touchscreen

  6. Push start

  7. On your computer, open your email client (Outlook on the web, Outlook), and confirm you received your scanned document in your mailbox

    • Note: If you did not receive the scanned document, please check your junk/spam folder or double check that you entered your email address correctly on the printer
  8. Follow these remaining steps to fax your scanned document to the intended recipient

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