Box Evaluation Task Force

Box, one of our enterprise cloud-storage vendors, recently notified UWMadison that they are changing their licensing structure. This change may result in a significant cost increase starting January 2021.  We are assembling a task force that will be charged with developing strategies to reduce UW–Madison’s storage footprint in Box to contain costs.  


One representative from ASM can serve on the task force advisory group. The advisory group will have its first meeting on February 18 to discuss the charter, task force structure, and review core questions for consideration. We anticipate one meeting each in March and April, with short-term recommendations delivered in April.


Advisory Group Kick-off Meeting

Date:  Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Time:  1:00 pm

Location:  Union South/TITU 


We recognize that Box is heavily integrated into UWMadison research, academic, and administrative activities and we know that any changes will have significant impact on the faculty, staff, and students who use the service.  In the coming weeks, the Task Force will engage in various outreach activities to gather data and analyze use cases across campus to help inform their recommendations for the future state of this storage service.