Social Media

DoIT Communications social media guidelines

Quality over quantity

We think fewer posts of good quality content are much better than many mediocre posts.


Our writing should follow guidelines outlined in the DoIT Communications style guide.


DoIT has a presence on many social media platforms. Here are our most active accounts and what we usually post on each:


Write short, but smart

Some social media platforms have a character limit; others don’t. But for the most part, we keep our social media copy short.

To write short content, we simplify our ideas or reduce the amount of information —but not by altering the spelling or punctuation of the words themselves. It’s fine to use the shorter version of some words, like “info” for “information.” But do not use numbers and letters in place of words, like “4” instead of “for” or “u” instead of “you.”



Trending topics

Also see: UW-Madison Social Media Branding.

Social media protocol during outages

Twitter is our expected medium to communicate news-type information, but we also post information to Facebook as well. We experiment with posting related images on Instagram and Snapchat.

With social media posts:

In social media posts we try to include the following information:

In social media posts, during “crisis” situations we aim to:

In social media posts during “crisis” situations we avoid: