UW-Madison G Suite - Getting Started with Google Groups

This document provides a high-level introduction to UW-Madison Google Groups.


Google Groups

Google Groups is a free communication and collaboration service that gives you the ability to create the following:

When you create a Google Group, the group’s email address will have the following name format: groupname@g-groups.wisc.edu .


View terms of service.



The maximum number of members you can add to a Google Group has not been published by Google. Currently, we have yet to reach a maximum number in our testing.

View additional information about Google Group's policies and limits here.

Quick start

  1. Create a Google Group

  2. Add multiple members

    • Group Name - Enter the name, not email address, of your group name (ex: bucky_support; not bucky_support@g-groups.wisc.edu).
    • Members - Enter one email address per line.

  3. Manage your Google Group

Reminder: Make sure you are logged into your UW-Madison G Suite account, not your personal Gmail account, when accessing or managing your UW-Madison Google Group.

Email delivery

You can email your Google Group at groupname@g-groups.wisc.edu to start collaborating with your colleagues. When you email your Google Group, that message will be delivered to the following inboxes:

  1. Google Group Archive inbox

    • Note: The archive feature may not be enabled by default. Learn how to view your Google Group’s archive feature status.
    • Archiving must be enabled to receive a copy of all messages sent to the Google Group.
    • Enabling archiving is beneficial when troubleshooting message delivery issues.
  2. Mailbox associated with the email address used to add member to the Google Group

    • Message delivery will depend on the member’s Google Group email subscription setting (ex: daily notifications, email digest)
    • Message delivery can be affected by the member's email settings such as rules, filters, spam/junk, etc.

Suppressing "out of office" messages

Learn more