WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Customizations Policy

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 Design Customizations

The following are updates that can be made to the design of a WiscWeb project, pending approval from University Marketing and the WiscWeb team:

Color Change

The campus red color can be swapped site-wide for one other color. All instances of the red will be removed and replaced with your desired color, provided it meets accessibility contrast standards and is approved for use by University Marketing. It is not possible to change out other campus colors (example: hyperlink color) or only certain instances of the campus red. 

The customer is required to provide the hex code/HTML color code for the desired color.

Removal of UW Crest

A branded logo can be added to the header of your site, which replaces the UW Crest. The site title and optional tagline areas, as well as other elements of the header (including the utility bar, search box, and main menu), will remain as is. If the crest is removed, the campus-branded Verlag font will also need to be removed site-wide. The default backup font is Montserrat, but another Google font can be chosen, and be submitted for approval from University Marketing. 

Any logo added to the header will undergo accessibility testing for like readability, quality, and contrast. 

Design guidelines for logo submissions: 
  • 72ppi 
  • Max-width of 300px 
  • JPG, SVG, or PNG files only 
Note: The WiscWeb service does not cover logo creation or editing.

Font Change

All instances of Verlag or all instances of Georgia can be replaced in the theme with one alternative font. This font must be a Google font and is subject for approval by University Marketing.  

A sans serif font is preferred for the replacement of Verlag while a serif font is preferred for the replacement of Georgia. 

Design Changes that Cannot be Accommodated

The following requests for design customizations cannot be accommodated in WiscWeb:  

Removing the Site Title/Tagline 
The site title and tagline regions of the header cannot be replaced with a full-width logo. They must remain in place to ensure the accessibility of the content, as well as to prevent long term issues involving maintenance and upgrades to the UW Theme. 

Multiple Logos in the Header 
It is not possible to add more than one logo to the header of the site. The UW Crest can be removed and replaced with one other logo. If multiple logos must be displayed, you can work with members of our team on ways to incorporate them into the homepage design so that both are present and clickable. 

Selective Color or Font Changes 
Color and font changes will be site-wide updates. We cannot accommodate requests to change the color or font on a specific area or page of your site. It is an all or nothing change. 

The footer of the UW Theme will remain as is to retain branding standards and consistency across campus sites. This region is not customizable. 

Stylistic Changes to Vendor Plugin Content 
Any changes features provided by third party vendors could unintentionally break the display/function of the plugin content when updates are rolled out. Therefore, they will not be permitted. 

 Functionality Customizations

Changes to functionality are subject to internal review by the WiscWeb team. The following will be assessed in order to determine our ability to assist with the request: 
  • Possibility of the customizations affecting the multi-site network 
  • Possibility of the customizations interfering with native WordPress, plugin, or UW Theme technology 
  • Our ability to perform long-term support of the technology, as well as impact on our support team 
  • Accessibility/user experience Affect on site and service performance 
  • Compliance with industry best standards 
  • Existence of a well-formed API (REST API) For pieces involving 3rd party data integration 
All WiscWeb-created functionality will adhere to campus branding guidelines. Additionally, WiscWeb will only field functionality requests in cases where the technology or tool can be made generic (not website-specific) and has broad uses cases on campus.

Cannot Be Accommodated

The following functionality requests will not be accommodated:  

Augmentation of Native WordPress Behavior 
Any changes to native WordPress behavior could unintentionally break the site when WordPress Core updates are rolled out. Therefore, they will not be permitted. 

Augmentation of Vendor Plugin Behavior 
Any changes to plugin behavior could unintentionally break the display/function of the plugin content when updates are rolled out. Therefore, they will not be permitted. 

e-Commerce Functionality 
WiscWeb cannot support the processing of payments through the service and cannot customize integration with payment processing tools like PayPal and WooCommerce. Instead, users are encouraged to setup campus CashNet accounts and a charge.wisc.edu site using the steps provided in WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Options for e-Commerce Transactions . This site can be linked to from a WiscWeb site but will not be embedded or integrated within WordPress. 

Functionality Involving Sensitive or Restricted Data 
No sensitive or restricted data may be stored in WiscWeb. Please refer to the campus Data Classification Policy for more information. This includes Personal Identifying Information (PII), and Personal Health Information (PHI) as defined under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


  • For any and all requests related to customizing your site via a child theme, please drop by an open lab to consult with a member of the WiscWeb team about your needs.