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Monona Terrace
1 John Nolan Drive
1997. Years after Wright finished the design - seven weeks prior to his death in 1959 - Madison voters approved a referendum to construct the building in 1992.

Robert M. Lamp Residence
22 North Butler Street
1904. A simple brick structure. The third level is a later addition and not of Wright design.

Herbert Jacobs First Residence
441 Toepfer Street
1936. The first truly Usonian house-a concrete slab floor with integral radiant heating and wood sandwich-wall construction which eliminated conventional studs.

Eugene VanTamelen Residence
5817 Anchorage Road
1956. First of the prefab designs for Marshall Erdman Company. L-shaped with masonry core and board and batten siding.

Walter Rudin Residence
110 Marinette Trail
1957. The second of four prefab designs for Marshall Erdman Company. Concrete block with horizontal board and batten siding.

E. A. Gilmore Residence, 'Airplane House'
120 Ely Place
1908. Plaster with wood trim cruciform structure with unusual small porches.


Herbert Jacobs Second Residence
3995 Shawn Trail
1943. The first solar hemicycle. On two levels with its rear set into the earth.

Shorewood Hills:

Unitarian Meeting House
900 University Bay Drive
1947. Limestone and oak with a copper roof. The design was intended to suggest hands folded in prayer.

John C. Pew Residence
3650 Lake Mendota Drive
1939. Limestone and cypress built on a lot that slopes sharply to Lake Mendota.

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