Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - How to Create a Virtual Collaboration Space for Your Students (UW-Madison)

After June 30, 2021, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra will no longer be available. UW-Madison recommends using Zoom as a replacement for instructional and non-instructional web conferencing purposes. For more information, please seeĀ Blackboard Collaborate - Service Ending June 30, 2021

This document details how to create a virtual collaboration space for your students using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

1.  Click on the BBCollaborate Ultra link in your Canvas Course Navigation Bar
Finding Blackboard Collaborate on your Canvas Navbar

2. Click on "Edit Settings" 
Picture showing how to access Edit Settings for a Blackboard Collaborate Session

3.  Next, change the setting for Guest Role to "Moderator"
Dropdown menu that lets you change the Guest Role from Participant to Moderator or Presenter

4.  Copy the Guest Link URL and share it with the students you have created the session for.
  • For virtual group work, you can create as many Blackboard Collaborate Ultra rooms as you have groups. Then, provide each Guest Link URL to the appropriate group to help facilitate your students collaborating in a virtual environment.

For more information about Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, see Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Overview (UW-Madison) .

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