Class Roster - Submit Class Roster for Section Change



In circumstances where departments may need to initiate section changes for multiple students representing a portion of their total enrollment, section changes may be submitted using the Class Roster.
Changes submitted after the end of the fourth week of classes and/or requesting changes for the majority or entirety of a class roster may require additional justification, review and approval by the school/college Dean’s Office.

How to submit the Class Roster for section changes

  1. Use the Download Grid feature on the class roster page.
    Do not sort the spreadsheet after you have downloaded it.

  2. Add a column with the header ‘Change To’ at the end of the document.

  3. Locate the name of the student requesting the section change.

  4. Include the section(s) to be changed to and the five digit class number(s) of the new section(s).

  5. Save the document with these changes and give it a file name that includes the subject area, course number, and term.
    If this is a modular course or when submitting section changes for summer terms, please incorporate the session code into the document title as well.

  6. Attach the saved document to an e-mail and send to
    Our office will process the section changes indicated.


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