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Overview and guidelines to using the Degree Planner tool in Course Search & Enroll.


The Degree Planner is a tool for you to do just that, plan your degree. This tool helps structure and plan your courses during your time at UW-Madison.
Use the tool to quickly and simply view the courses you have planned for each term, grades from past terms, credit load per term, and more to help you succeed in meeting your academic goals.

This is a planning tool. If you have questions about your plan or degree, contact your advisor.

Using the Degree Planner

Choose/Add a Degree Plan

Under Degree Plans click on the arrow to the right of the degree name to show a drop down menu of degree plans. In the drop down menu, select a plan to view.

Choose degree plan

If there is no degree plan to choose from, or you would like to create a new plan, there are several ways to add a degree plan.

Select/Add an Academic Year

Select an academic year to view by expanding and collapsing the individual years using the arrow to the right of the year title.
This way of viewing allows you to view a single year or several years at a time. You can also expand or collapse all the years using the options at the top of all the years on the right-hand side.
Note: When an academic year is expanded, the three terms are laid out next to each other: Fall, Spring, Summer.

Select academic year

There are several ways to add an academic year to your plan.

Add Course

There are several different ways for you to add a course to your degree plan. Courses can be added to active and future years, they cannot be added to past years.

Course Menu

When a course is added to your degree plan for active or future academic years, you will notice the three stacked dots across from the course name, this is the course menu.

Note: These options do not appear for completed courses. The three stacked dots only appears courses in active and future terms/years (these courses appear in white boxes, while the completed courses are grey).

Move Course

If you decide that you want to change your plan and take a course in the fall of next year rather than the spring, you can easily move courses between terms and academic years.
This can be done in a couple different ways.

Save Course for Later

You can move a course from your degree plan and cart into Save for Later in two different ways within the Degree Planner.

Note: Moving a course to “Save for later” in the Degree Planner will also move the course in your cart in My Courses.

Tab Options - Completed, In Progress, Transferred, Cart

Past, active and future years tabs

Show Grades

Grades will show for all completed courses in past and active academic years. To do this, toggle the circle under the Degree Plan name to blue (the right). The grades will now appear near the course name. In the same way you can toggle the circle to grey (the left) and turn this view off.
Note: Grades will not appear for courses in your cart since you were not enrolled in these courses.

Show grades

Credit Counter

View how many credits are planned/scheduled/occurred/transferred for a term by viewing the credit counter. A credit count is kept at the top of the term in an academic year, across from the term name.
This credit counter keeps track of the number of credits planned or completed in a term. As you add and remove courses to active and future years and terms, this counter will keep track.
Note: Grades will not appear for courses in your cart since you were not enrolled in these courses.

Credit counter
Credit counter

Add/Edit Notes to Your Term

Across from the term name, next to the credit counter, there is a blue sheet icon with a plus sign in the center. This is the Add note icon. This icon will appear in every term in every academic year.
By clicking on this icon you can add notes to your term, allowing you to set a reminder to talk to your advisor, set a reminder to apply for graduation, note a future term you want to study abroad during, etc.
Note: Grades will not appear for courses in your cart since you were not enrolled in these courses.

Add note
View term note note

Create a PDF

Creating a PDF of your plan allows you to share your plan with others and keep different versions of your plan, and more.
There are two main ways to create a PDF of your plan. Once you have created a PDF you can download or print from the PDF view.

Warnings and Icons