Free or Low Cost Learning in the Madison Area

This document is a resource of free or inexpensive educational experiences in the Madison Area.

Applies to

Those interested in free or inexpensive community, college, and university educational opportunities in the Madison area.


This list has been compiled as a resource for free and/or inexpensive educational opportunities in the Madison area.  This is not an inclusive list as there may be additional resources not listed here.  Please follow the links provided below to find out more information about the requirements, limitations, and potential costs associated with these opportunities.

UW-Madison noncredit free or inexpensive educational resources-




Local organizations for non-credit free OR inexpensive learning opportunities-

Local colleges with senior audit opportunities (see disclaimer below*)- 

*Due to residency requirements under Wisconsin law, enrollment at institutions of higher education can impact your eligibility for resident status at UW-Madison. If you have questions about whether your educational plans could impact your eligibility, please contact the UW-Madison Office of the Registrar at 

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Follow this link to 'Learn More' about the glossary terms listed in this document:

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