Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Bandwidth Requirements

After June 30, 2021, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra will no longer be available. UW-Madison recommends using Zoom as a replacement for instructional and non-instructional web conferencing purposes. For more information, please see Blackboard Collaborate - Service Ending June 30, 2021

This document outlines the minimum bandwidth requirements for using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

    Blackboard Collaborate Ultra has minimum bandwidth requirements depending on an instructor’s desired use case. This table outlines the required bandwidth for both the presenting instructor and participating learners given a specific use case. All bandwidths are given in kilobits per second (kbps).

     Use Case  Bandwidth for Presenter  Bandwidth for Participant
     Audio only  48 kbps  48 kbps
     Application sharing and audio  70 - 500 kbps  Minimum of 88 kbps
     Audio and video (up to 4 cameras)  20 - 360 kbps  128 - 1488 kbps
     Chat  Small amount of bandwidth required if enabled  Small amount of bandwidth required if enabled

    Blackboard Collaborate Ultra provides a connection status for all users in a session directly in the app. Information on how to access the bandwidth connection status and manage low bandwidth connections is available via Blackboard’s support documentation. Note that Ultra automatically adjusts a user’s experience depending on their bandwidth. If you are planning to host a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session with more than 250 participants, please review Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - What to expect with large attendance events (250+ participants).