Timeline for HRS Changes

This document is meant to be a guide for HR departments when an employee's information has been changed in HRS to see when the change will take effect.

**It is important to keep in mind that all of these guidelines are subject to deviate late at night, extremely early in the morning, or on Sundays.  They are meant to give you a better idea of when processing might happen. There are many nuances that are not captured below that can affect the time for processing.

Example: I hire a new researcher in Computer Sciences with an effective date of today. I would expect this in the Person Hub/IAA within 15 minutes or less (it may normally be closer to 5 or 10), certainly things taking longer than hour would indicate either there's a lot being processed or it needs to be looked into further.  
Example: I add in a new Active Emeritus POI for a professor with an effective date of today.  I would expect this to be in IAA/Person Hub late that night.  
Example: I fix an incorrect SSN on a person around noon. I would expect this to be in IAA/Person Hub late that night.  
Example: Today, I enter a Transfer for a person in Enrollment Management who has only one job to a new job in DoIT 3 months from now. I would expect this to be in the Person Hub/IAA after 9pm but not take effect until the date 3 months from now. Some applications want and need to know about jobs in advance of when they start.