Doodle - Security

Doodle is a globally available meeting scheduling service, integrating with calendar and contact providers. Our service facilitates meeting scheduling across different personal or work calendars while preserving user privacy and limiting access to sensitive data.

Basic Calendar Integration

Doodle only stores your email and tokens - and nothing else. Your personal data - calendar, events and availability - are never stored in our database.

Encryption and Access Control

Physical Infrastructure

Doodle’s physical infrastructure is hosted and managed within Amazon Web Services (AWS). We utilize secure data centers in multiple availability zones in the EU Ireland region and leverage Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud technology. Amazon continually manages risk and undergoes recurring assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards.

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Vulnerability Management

Doodle’s services are continuously monitored for new vulnerabilities and updated with the latest security patches. We undergo regular penetration testing from trusted external service providers.

Network Security

Our cloud infrastructure is protected by Cloudflare to ensure uninterrupted availability and ongoing defense against sophisticated internet borne threats. These features include:

Security Incident Response

Any security related events or notifications we receive are promptly actioned in accordance with our Security Incident Response Plan.