Administrator Tip Sheet

For anyone creating sessions, helping people create accounts, or just wanting to know a bit more about the system, check back for more tips.

User IDs

  • Begins with:
    • P = Foster Parent
    • W = Social Worker
    • S = Private Agency Staff
    • All three of the above accounts are automatically generated by eWiSACWIS in the nightly data feed
  • All numbers and no letters = user created account using a self-registration page (such as:
  • Anything else (such as all letters) = account was created by an admin using Admin > Users page

eWiSACWIS Nightly Data Feed

  • What values in the user record (found in Admin > Users) get overridden every night?
    • NOTE: the following values only get over-ridden for those users who have the P, W, or S in the beginning of their username
    • first name
    • last name
    • username
    • user id
    • Active (a checkbox)
    • Manager
      • The Manager in PDS Online comes from the "Primary Assignment" field in eWiSACWIS
      • NOTE: Manager field is only over-ridden if there is a value in eWiSACWIS, and that value is not a MAXIMUS worker (such as Thomas Edwards).  If the value is blank or the name of a MAXIMUS worker, then I CAN update PDS Online without worrying about it getting overriden overnight.
    • Primary Employee Type
      • If you see a value of "Foster Parent Level X" then that came from eWiSACWIS. All other values are not coming from eWiSACWIS and can be manually updated on the person's profile.
    • Required Training Approvals
      • Value of 0 = Does NOT require session registration to be approved by approver or manager. This is the default for all eWiSACWIS-generated PDS Online accounts.
      • Value of 1 = Does require session registration to be approved by approver or manager
  • Process
    • For every account listed in the data feed file, the user id is compared to all user ids in PDS Online.
      • If the user id from the data feed is already associated with an account in PDS Online, all other information on that account is updated.
      • If the user id isn't already a user id on a PDS Online account and the data feed says the account should be active, then a new PDS Online account is created for that user.
      • If the user id isn't associated with an already-existing PDS Online account and the data feed says the account should be inactive, then no action is taken.
    • Finally, the process looks at all accounts in PDS Online that have the "allow reconciliation" checkbox marked. If that user id is NOT listed in the nightly data feed, then the account in PDS Online is made inactive.
  • Outages
    • eWiSACWIS has three weekends every year where all processes are halted, including the sending of our nightly data feed into PDS Online. Those weekends are used for updates to eWiSACWIS. During those weekends, no processes run on Saturday morning, Sunday morning, or Monday morning. The data feed to PDS Online will be sent on Friday morning and Tuesday morning, but not in between. Those outages occur mid-February, mid-June, and mid-October.
    • As of February 2017, the eWiSACWIS release calendar could be found on this site by expanding the "General Information" option and selecting "Batch Calendar (2017)":
      You are looking for weekends that say "No Processing" (please note that "No Processing" will be listed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but it will affect us by not sending files on Saturday morning, Sunday morning, and Monday morning).
  • Pro Tips!
    • Middle name
      • I've used this field to include nicknames on people who may have different names on sign-in sheets so that it's less confusing for someone proxy enrolling users into a session.
    • ALL FIELDS can be updated for users who are not coming over from eWiSACWIS
      • REMEMBER: only users with a User ID starting with P, W, or S, and followed by numbers are coming from eWiSACWIS. Other user records can be modified with no worry of having values overriden.

Calculating Session Credits

Actual Training Hours Earned = (End Time - Start Time) - (Any Meal Breaks)

  • 2 day training
  • Each day is 9am - 4pm
    • Actual Training Hours Earned = 14 hours
  • Except, on each of the two days, there is a 60 min lunch break
    • Actual Training Hours Earned = 14 hours - 2 hours = 12 hours
  • And, each day there is a 30 min break in the AM and a 30 min break in the PM (all with snacks)
    • Even though the breaks have snacks, they are not considered "meals", so the 2 hours of breaks does not count against the Actual Training Hours Earned
    • Actual Training Hours Earned = 12 hours

Variables frequently reported on

"Training" Variables

 Common Name for Variable

 Name of variable in PDS Online Reporting Suite

 Event Name  Training Title
 Session ID  Training ID 
Session Locator Number   Training Locator Number
 Session Status (Approved, Cancelled, Completed, etc.)  Training Status
 Whether a training is an external training Training Type
 Session Start/End Date  Training Start/End Date 
 Learning Object ID  Training Object ID*
 Actual Training Hours Earned for a session Training > Actual Training Hours Earned

* Training Object ID is a very useful number.  For example, if you want to see the event details page that end users will see, simply plug the appropriate value into the following URL:

"Transcript" Variables

 Common Name for Variable

 Name of variable in PDS Online Reporting Suite

 Actual Training Hours Earned by a particular user for a session Transcript > Actual Training Hours Earned
 User's status for a session (Pending Approval, Approved, Registered, Waitlisted, Withdrawn, Cancelled, Completed, No Show, etc.) Transcript Status
 Date user made last change to transcript status (particularly useful in knowing if user withdrew AFTER registration close date) Last Transcript Status Change Date

"User" Variables

 Common Name for Variable

 Name of variable in PDS Online Reporting Suite

 The free text field where the user enters the name of their employer.  This is the single field that tries to combine data from the next four fields. Employer Name
 Is the person employed by the State, County, Tribe or Private Agency/Other.  Please note that Private Agency workers that are contracted through the county should put "Private Agency or Other" Employing Entity
 A generalization of what type of work a user does at that agency. Primary Employee Type 
 If the user is not employed by a private agency, there is a "Not Applicable" option, and if the agency is not on the list, there is a "Other - Not Listed" option.  Otherwise, this field should have the name of the private agency a user works for. Private Agency Name 
 If the person works for a tribe or county, the employer will be listed here.  If they work for a private agency, the county where they work will be listed here.  If the user is a foster parent, the agency location where they are licensed will be listed here. Workplace County/Tribe 
 Email User Email 
 Name (comes in form: "last, first") User Full Name
 User ID (the value that will begin with a P, W, or S if the account was created by eWiSCWIS) User ID 
 Username (what the user can log in with) User Login
 Manager's Name User Manager ID
 Active/Inactive status User Status 

Creating Sessions

  • Please note that the help documentation on how to create sessions has been updated.  Please note in Step #9 that both "Credits" and "Actual Training Hours Earned" will be filled in for all sessions.  Credits is the value that users (used to) see as a huge number at the top of their transcripts.  We hid this value because it is wildly inaccurate for most users right now, but eventually we hope to start being able to user credits again once data problems are fixed.  The big problem with this field is that it is not editable at the user level, so users who no showed, withdrew, or had a session cancelled on them will see full credits show up for them on their transcripts.  This is a problem.  Actual Training Hours Earned is a field that is editable at the user-level (by going to the session roster and editing a user's attendance record), so you can give a no show zero Actual Training Hours Earned (ATHE).  Sadly, there is no way to make the ATHE value easily visible on user transcripts.  For now, while we work through these problems, please fill in both values at the session level.
  • PRO TIP: If you have a session coming up where it's really important for users to not be able to withdraw after the registration deadline, set up a personal reminder for yourself on your Outlook calendar to go modify the event on the day that withdrawing should be limited.  On that day, go into the session Details, and under cost check the checkbox to restrict withrawing.  Once this checkbox is checked, users and their managers cannot withdraw anyone from a session via the transcript.  An administrator needs to either withdraw the user using the roster or go to Admin > Users > click on the folder option to see the user's transcript > the administrator (you) will see the option to either "see session details" or "withdraw" (even though the user does not see the withdraw option).

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