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Usually data merges are really easy, but this document will try to talk you through dealing with unusual circumstances.

Some Basics

  • Data merging mostly just moves transcript items from one account to the other. It does not move profile information over or security levels. Data merging moves transcript iformation from a donor account to a recipient account.
  • If you are merging a self-registration account and an eWiSACWIS-generated account (user ID has 'W,' 'S,' or 'P' followed by numbers), the self-registration account must almost ALWAYS be the donor account. We want people to be using their eWiSACWIS-generated accounts unless there's some extenuating circumstance.


Some of these steps can sometimes be skipped, but until you get the hang of data merging, I recommend doing all of these steps first.

  1. Log in to PDS online.

  2. Under Admin > Users search for the two accounts, and find out if the donor account is the manager of any other accounts. Do this by using the Options dropdown and selecting View Hierarchy. View Heirarchy won't even be an option if the donor account is not the manager for other people. If View Heirarchy is available, click on it and continue to the next screen. You will need to reassign all of the people list on the next screen to have the other account listed as the manager. Hint: clicking on individual names brings you directly into that person's profile from where you can edit the manager field.

  3. data-merge_options-view-heirarchy.png

  4. Now, compare the security of the two accounts. Do this by using the Options dropdown and selecting Permissions. If the donor account has higher permissions than the recipient account, consider giving the new account the extra security as well.

  5. data-merge_options-permissions.png

  6. Now, compare profile information by clicking on the user's full name listed on the left. Usually, the profile on the donor account will have lots of information and the profile on the recipient account is mostly blank. You will have to manually update information in the recipient account. If the recipient account already has an Identifier filled out (you can see this from the main search results page) I usually just assume the profile has all the necessary information, and I will skip to the next step. If I see the Identifier field is blank, I will click into the donor account, take a picture of the data with my phone, go back to the search results, click into the recipient profile, edit this profile, type the data in, and save my changes. The only fields you should NEVER change on the recipient account are "allow reconciliation," name, username, and user ID.

  7. data-merge_profile.png

  8. Finally, I recommend gathering data that will help you craft an email to the user about what you've done. Check both transcripts. If the donor transcript has never been used, then a) you shouldn't be bothering to merge the accounts, and b) you really won't need to email notify the user. Telling them that you're deactivating an account that they never even use might actually confuse them. The other thing I would check is whether the recipient account's password was ever reset. If the password was ever reset, then I will change my email to say "hopefully you know the password to this account, but if you don't then you can always reset it yourself from the PDS Online login page:," and if the password was never reset I tell them the initial password is PDS1234ONLINE and if that doesn't work then they can reset the password form the login page.

  9. data-merge_mod-history.png

The Merge

  1. Selecting Admin > Data Merge will get you the screen seen below. Select a donor acocunt in the from field and a recipient account in the to field. The checkbox next to the donor account is automatically checked, and you can un-check it as appropriate. When done, click the submit button.

  2. data-merge_mod-history.png

  3. Expand the History option below and see if your latest merge has a status of "Processed" yet. If it's still "Queued" then wait a minute or two, and possibly refresh the browser. Once you see the status is Processed, check the column in history called Unmerged. Ideally it will say "None," and you are done. If it says "View(#)" then something went wrong.

Un-merged items

  • The reason items didn't merge from the donor transcript to the recipient transcript is because the same event title was on both transcripts. If it's anywhere on the recipient transcript already (even on the archived or removed transcripts), then it will not move over from the donor transcript. This can be really annoying if the recipient transcript has a session the person "no show"ed for, and the donor transcript has a completed session.

  • First, click on the "View(#)" link to see what it was from the donor transcript that didn't move over. Maybe you don't care about it moving over.

  • If you do need to have that item move to the recipient transcript, then your options are limited. My best suggestion is to go to that particular roster (in ILT Admin > Manage Events and Sessions), revert and remove the old account from the roster, and then add the new account to the roster. Some general tips about navigating a roster can be found here: [Link for document 35965 is unavailable at this time.]

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