Sys Admins - Can I email the registrants as a group?

This document shows how to email registrants as a group.

  1. Login to PDS online.

  2. From the home page hover your mouse over the ILT Admin menu and click Manage Events & Sections.

  3. Once you are on the screen seen below, you can search for the course by title, subject, and vendor or locator number. Click Search.

  4. recording-attendance_search-course.png

  5. When you find the course from the search list, click the View Sessions icon (calendar) on the right side of the screen.

  6. recording-attendance_click-manage-session.png

  7. Click the View Roster icon (with the green and blue-shirted people on it) for the training session whose attendees you wish to e-mail.

  8. recording-attendance_click-view-rosters.png

  9. Once you have viewed the roster, you can email an individual registrant by clicking the email address listed in their roster entry. You can also email everyone who is currently registered for the session by clicking Email Registered Users. Please note that users in a status of "Pending Pre-requisites" will not be emailed by clicking this button.

  10. email-users_click-email-users-link.png

  11. The individuals enrolled in the course have been added as recipients together and can now be emailed all at once.
    In the From address field enter the address from which this e-mail will be sent.
    In the Reply-To Address field enter the e-mail address that will be receive responses (it will usually be the same address as listed in the From Address field).
    Enter a subject in the Subject field.
    Enter your message in the text box. You can use the word processor icons to format the text or add links/images. (The message editor also accepts some HTML as well, which you can enter via the HTML link near the bottom of the text box)
    When you're done, click Save to send your email.

  12. email-users_click-save.png

  13. To insert an attachment, use the document manager (the paper clip icon) to upload and select your document. The attachment will appear in the email as a link and the link will direct the user to a webpage where the document will automatically download for the user.

  14. email-users_attachment-paperclip-icon.png

    • In the Document Manager, there are buttons across the top for creating new folders or uploading new documents. To open a folder, click on the folder name on the left. To select a document for attachment, double click on the document title.

    • email-users_document-manager.png
    • Here is an example of how the document will appear as a link in the email. Click on the link below to see what happens (you are taken to a website from which the document automatically downloads):
      Blackboard Ultra Web Conference Quick Help Guide

  15. If you need to edit the recipient list (such as to delete certain users or to add back those Pending Prerequisite people), you need to act fast before the email actually sends. Go quickly to Admin > Marketing, and click the paper and pencil icon to the far right of the email that is queued up to send (if this edit option is no longer available, then you are too late - the email already sent and you cannot add recipients). From the edit screen, you can add or remove users in the "to" field.

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