Sys Admins - Create sessions for an existing event

This document will show how to create, edit and manage a session for an existing event. Besides creating a single unit, you will also learn how to divide a session into multiple parts as needed.

1. Login to PDS online.

2. From the Home Page, hover over the ILT Admin tab and choose Manage Events & Sessions from the dropdown list.

3. From the Manage Events & Sessions page you can search for the event for which you want to create a session. (Remember that an Event is the general listing of the training being offered and is not tied to any individual date, while a Session is an individual, date-specific instance of when a particular training event is being offered.) Once you find the event you'd like to schedule a session for, click the Calendar Icon on the far right side of the screen (see below).


4. From the next page, you can view existing sessions or create a new one. To create a new session click Create New Session.


5. On the next page, there are multiple sections to fill out. The first section will let you create multiple sections at once based on how they occur (once/daily/weekly/monthly). You will most likely want to choose Once. When choosing Once, the date in the Start Date field is the date the session will be delivered. Select the Start Date by clicking on the calender icon. Then Click Next.


6. The Parts Schedule section is where you can break the session into as many Parts as needed, where each part should represent one day. You may give a name to each of your Parts and add a separate description to them. For each Part you'll need to specify the Location and Instructor(s), which are required fields. To add a location to this Part click the Search Icon (located directly to the right of the search box) and select the location where the section will be held  (note: if the location is not present in the list, you may need to add the location via the Facilities & Resources link in the ILT Admin menu; see instructions). You can also add instructors to this Part by clicking the Add Instructor link (note: if the instructor is not present in the list, you may need to add the instructor via the Vendors & Instructors link in the ILT Admin menu; see instructions). Select the Start Time and End Time to specify the duration for this Part.  Add in any Breaks you will have that day by clicking Part Break.  To add a second day of training to this Session, click on Save & Add new Part. If it's a single-day training, click Save Part.


7. Once you click save & add new part, it will take you to same page. The dates will automatically be the next day.  Select the Start and End Time for this Part. For each Part you want to add, repeat the last two steps, and when you have finished adding Parts, click Save Part.



8. After you create all parts in a session and click save, you will be taken to the page seen below. Here you can see the overview of all parts in a session as names, start and end dates and times, durations, locations, and (if assigned) instructors. You may also edit and delete any part by clicking on the pencil or trash can, respectively (the icons beneath the options columns). After you are done, Click Next to continue to the next section.


9. In the Details section, you may give an ID to the session.  This is recommended if you have a series of sessions, such as a series of Foster Parent Foundation sessions that can be easily searched if they all have a session ID of "WWP Chippewa 2015", for example.  You can also specify the number of credits and Actual Training Hours Earned (please specify both, even though these numbers will be identical), select a Request Form (meal plan, child care request, etc.) and add a Partnership (used to know who to contact if a user wants to register for a session two days before the class starts). In the Registration section of the details form you may specify how may parts users must attend in order to be eligible to be marked as completed, the Registration Deadline (recommendation: 5 days before class start date), and the min/max number of people who can register for this training. When you have completed the necessary fields, click Next.


10. The Availability section lets the creator of the session decide who is able to see the session on their Event Calendar. To let anybody attend, choose All Employees and then click the Add button that appears. To limit who can see or register for the training, you can choose from the "Select Criteria" drop down (All Employees, Division, Provider, Agency, Location, Group, Self Registration Group, and Users).

Example: To limit a training to only Tribal Workers, select Division. After a few seconds the page will refresh with a new search button directly to the right of the drop down menu. Clicking this button allows you to choose which specific Division you'd like, in this case "Tribal Agency".  Limiting availability based on Position or Agency is not recommended at this time, because users who self-register in PDS Online do not specify values in that field.  This will be fixed by October 2016.

Pro Tip: ALWAYS select the third checkbox for "Register Upon Approval".  The process for getting approved is separate from the process of registering for the session.  If the checkbox is not marked, then users who get approved will have to later go into their transcript and select to register for the class.  It is not an obvious thing to do for those users, and some of them will not know to do it.  This will mean they won't be on your roster or sign-in sheet, but they will think they are registered since they already got approved.


11. The Emails page will allow you to select what type of message you would like to have sent out to the users which have been approved for the event. The System Default is a standardized Email notifying the user of their acceptance. There are also a number of Custom Emails that can be sent out which may relate to separate topics.


12. The following page is where you can enter the price to be attached with that event.  To specify a Member Fee and a Non-Member Fee, create pricing rules.  In "Select Criteria", select Division > "Private Foster Care Agencies", and specify the non-member fee ($100 in the example below).  Select Division > "Partnerships", and specify the member fee ($20 in the example below).  Click Next when done.


<13. From this screen, choose "Do not allow payment by training unit for this item", since all billing and paying is done outside of PDS Online.


14. The Summary page is where you can see a summary of the important information for the session. If everything looks as it should, hit the Save button at bottom of the page. When you tell people to register for the session, give them the locator number of the session (seen in the last screenshot here) for easy searching within PDS Online.



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